Hi, this is EEMOTH from Deviantart.
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My cat spazzing out to a bird

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just in case you somehow forgot how horrible the pro life movement is

Are you fucking kidding me

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Kinda want to try to join that go taisho group //cry
rose design? so original i know
looks weird with green.. i think.. but she’d fit better under to wood element so—-

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Doodle Requests?

I need to back into drawing but im probably shit right now since its been a few months. 

So give me some ideas or doodle requests to help me get back into or smth please?

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; hey guys ~

so if you read my last lens review »here« and liked the lens, here’s your chance to win the same pair ! [due to a mistake in the order process for this month’s review items] and i figured receiving a giveaway package with just a pair of lens in them was too boring so i bought some extra pink themed kawaii goodies to go with the circle lens uwu


• 1 pair of plano Barbie Lace Violet lens [as shown in picture above] 

• 1 pair of diamond tattoo tights

• surprise kawaii items i bought including japanese candy, stationary and hair accessories

• promo to thousands

[basically all the prizes excluding the tights are pink]


• mbf me [yumoirs/ichigo.milk.is] please don’t unfollow after, this giveaway is for my followers

• not mandatory but follow my twitter for an extra entry (blog url must be stated clearly in your bio so i can add you in)

• no giveaway blogs

• reblog as many times as you want

• likes don’t count

• inbox must be open

giveaway ends: April 30th 2014

i will be tracking notes daily so repeat reblogs will be counted as another entry, 1 reblog = 1 chance to win

[1 winner will be chosen via random.org and given 24 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen]

good luck and reblog away x 

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#worthit #why

#worthit #why 
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Nice Dmmd OCs!

Thank you! ;7;/ I’ve been messing with their designs more so.. yeh. Still having a tough time choosing :/ 

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cant pick

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Wal-Mart logic

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I can’t stop laughing oh god

This is my favorite thing in the whole world